What tire size should I have?

You should have a minimum of 35" tires.

How many days does it take to complete a route?

RockLander Routes range anywhere from 300 miles to 700 miles. Depending on how fast you are traveling and which route you are riding, the average time to complete a route is around 3 to 7 days. The average mileage per section will be around approximately 100 to 150 miles and we find that most drivers can complete one section per day.

Do I need permits to travel these routes?

Most of these routes are on Public land but you will need to check the info on each route to see if there is a specific pass you will need.

What is the general distance between fuel ups?

This depends on the route, but all of our routes are designed with reasonable distance between fuel stops in mind. Generally, the distance between fuel stops on our routes range from 115 to 150 miles. The general rule of backcountry travel is to Never Pass a Gas Station!