Welcome to Rock Lander Route

We just launched America's first Rock Lander Route! This one is Southern California and is the first of 5 that will go live on our website this year. After running the Backcountry Discovery Routes for a few years, we felt ourselves wanting more. Those routes are amazing and I highly recommend them to folks on motorcycles or overlanders looking for scenic views. But for those of us that have an appetite for challenging routes made for 4x4's there isn't really anything available. We don't have any experience making websites but we do have a lot of experience making routes with our friends, so join us in our quest to explore America's public land!
Soon, you can apply to be part of the team as we navigate these routes and make awesome videos.

(We are looking for a website developer, if you would like to help us build out this site, please email dirtlifestylejessica@gmail.com)

We are immensely grateful for any support you can provide to help us create more captivating videos and creating new trail routes. Your generous donations will play a crucial role in creating and filming these new routes, we are truly grateful for your support in bringing more exciting experiences to you all.