southern California

southern California

Welcome to the Southern California Rock Lander Route that is tailored for the experienced driver, where every trail presents a thrilling challenge and breathtaking scenery awaits around every corner. Below, you'll find detailed information on the route, including gas stations, obstacles, bypasses if needed, difficulty level, and essential tips to ensure a safe and fun trip. Let's dive into the route details below.

Gas Stations Along the Route

76 Station - 32124 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs, CA 92382
34.20514, -117.10235
Sinclair - 32787 CA-18, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
34.44369, -116.95024
Arco - 56284 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA 92284
34.12093, -116.43630
Mirage Gas & Liquor - 755 Palm Canyon Dr, Borrego Springs, CA 92004
33.25637, -116.37264

Obstacles Along the Route

Gas up for the So Cal Rock Lander Route! - 34.20514, -117.10235
Your adventure starts here... Or anywhere near here 😎
Holcomb Creek Trail - 34.27528, -117.05074
The first trail and the last trail on the So Cal RLR are the hardest in my opinion. No shame in turning around and hitting the rest of the route if this is a bit more than you bargained for, but you should put tires on it and give it a shot. For a seasoned rock crawler this trail is just overlanding with benefits and isn't any harder than what you would see on the Rubicon. ENJOY!
Gold Mountain - 34.27466, -116.81935
If you just completed Holcomb creek, this trail is super easy. I would air down for comfort.
Cougar Buttes - 34.48600, -116.82301
There is a lot of fun stuff to play on out here. The So Cal RLR follows bullfrog trail, but I would highly recommend exploring if you have the time in your trip. Also, this is a great place to camp if you decide to call it a day while you are here.
Turkey Claw into Blueberry - 34.40238, -116.53507
Turkey claw is perfect for a rock-lander route. It's light/moderate rock crawling if you are a seasoned rock crawler but challenging if you are coming from the overland world. Either way, you will have fun. Welcome to Johnson valley by the way! If you can spare an extra day to play around here, you won't regret it! The big sand dune is cool, and I highly recommend any trail with the word
"hammer". But these other trails are no joke! Be prepared to struggle HARD! Or just play it safe and enjoy the RLR...
Truck Haven (optional) - 33.27902, -116.09758
If you have flexibility in your schedule, this place is worth a couple hours of play time. Also an easy place to find camp if you are ending a long day here.
Pinyon Mountain Air Down - 33.05693, -116.42109
I'm not sure where the Trail officially starts but this road takes you to the squeeze. This is a great spot to air down. If you can't fit through the squeeze I have a bypass in yellow, but you will need to backtrack a little bit.
Bypass for "the Squeeze" - 33.03882, -116.09708
It's a long way around but unfortunately the squeeze is one hell of a gatekeeper if you like wide trucks...
I would air down here.
Sandstone Canyon (optional) - 32.97893, -116.21476
Super easy offshoot that is really cool!
Rodriguez Canyon - 33.01838, -116.47939
This rock garden isn't long but it's rad! Be careful and have fun. I would walk it first. The bypass is right next to it if you are limping a broken rig to the finish line or if you decide this isn't for you.
So Cal RLR End! - 33.07631, -116.59121
If you like beer, then have one! You have earned it! How about that last rock garden? Short, sweet and to the point. Much like this route :). I hope you had a great time!

Best Time Of Year: All Year
Difficulty 7/10
Minimum Recommended Equipment: Short wheel base, 35's and lockers. Long wheel base, 37's and lockers. Make sure you bring plenty of recovery gear and tools!

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